Our Mission

FromPrisonToThis is a community driven, faith inspired reentry program. We plan to personalize the reentry process with one on one mentorship to reduce recidivism, and welcome back valuable members to our community.

Our Vision

We vow to do everything within our power to reduce local recidivism in our direct communities. As Christians, it our responsibility to help those that need it. These eguys desperately need us. They are someone's son, dad, brother, etc. We will treat whatever they are dealing with scripture , mercy, and Love. We have direct communications with 3 local churches, multiple community action centers, and a collective knowledge that will provide personalized fellowship for each man in our program.


Our Values

We bring what recently released men and women actually need. If someone shows interest, we will provide a sponsor that we hope turns into the 'one person' that they can trust above others. I found min twice, Jon Snow, and now after all these years, my amazing Dad.

Grace and Peace