FromPrisonToThis is a simple, Faith Inspred 1-on-1 reentry program. We currently have 3 Churches in our community that are willing to offer their Brothers and Sisters as sponsors. Each person will get their initial needs met, and then be linked with a person that is  member of one of these churches. this is the missing link in fixing the recidivism numbers. If approximately 17,000 inmates are released just to Franklin County and go back to prison within 3 years, then we are failing. Our goal is to help these people thru direct Fellowship. That is what is missing. Period. Now God has provided an answer. Let's join together and make these returning brothers and sisters actually feel like family, and gain a solid member in our direct community. Grace and Peace

What separates us from other reentry programs is the 1 on 1 fellowship.

Here, we belive that if given the opportunity to have that one person that keeps them accountable and is their Malcolm to me, then they will flourish and give back, prisoners that are returning to our community can and will act accordingly. All they truly need is someone to care enough to be there. As Humans, we are to have fellowship with one another. Offering fellowship is different and nourishing. 

Pray for us and drop us a line or two of encouragement. If you are led to help, then let me know how and where. We are the future goto for  fellowship reentry. No one offers this. They offer similar, and may have larger pools to draw from financially, but only this program offers the 1 on 1.

Please send me your full name and contact info if you want to be on the list for future inmate sponsoring! Everyone looks to be interested and on team. thank you for the payers and support. i love all of you!

Founder and simple guy,

Trevor A. Beekman


on FB:Fromprisontothis





Target opening date of November 1st, 2021!!!


We need a final push to open with 4 guys on November 1st. We need a few physical things, and between 500 and 1,000 usd to finish up. Has been a lot of work and I am proud of myself and my God. Ty to our Heavenly Father, and those he put in my path to get t...


Intro to recidivism


Can anyone tell me what recdiivism is? here is the answer from corrections: Recidivism is one of the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. It refers to a person's relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or underg...




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